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Letterhead and Invoice Templates

Add letterhead and invoice template to reinforce the professional image of your practice.

The styling will be customised to reflect your website design and to create a coherent and professional look. Your invoice templates will show your practice details alongside a number of fields for date, service details, charges, VAT (if applicable) and more.

Full colour or black-and-white templates ready for you to use in Microsoft Word and/ or Excel and other word-processing programmes on a PC or Mac.

This can be added to any of the website packages.

Why get letterhead and invoice template?

  1. Your correspondence and invoices will look professional and contain all the information required. The professional look conveys that you run a serious practice, that you are dependable and that you have your business in order.

  2. It’s easy to use. The fields included in the invoice template act as prompts and remind you what information is required for a valid invoice. So no need to think about the bits and bobs of information required for a professional invoice.

  3. The invoice template is clean and tidy which means all the information can be easily gleaned by your clients.

  4. The letterhead can be used for all your correspondence including working agreements with clients and associates, day-to-day correspondence and reports

How much is it?

Price is £60.00 and includes a letter head and invoice template.



Invoice Template Stationery Psychotherapists



Written by : Mark Bate