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Benefits and Features of our Therapist Websites

Our most popular packages, Pro and Pro-Plus come packed with a range of modern features enabling you to take advantage of the latest technology. Our websites are...

1. Mobilmobile friendly websites for therapistse friendly

We don't need statistics telling us how much the market in smart phones and tablets has exploded over the past few years. Everyone seems to be tapping and sliding away on screens everywhere you look! It is therefore essential that your website looks good on mobile and tablets!

Typically a therapist's website receives around 20-30% of visitors from mobiles and tablets and, as many phones now match searches to the locality of the mobile user, your site will have a great chance of attracting viable local business.

2. Perfect for different screen sizes

The most common screen size in the UK is currently around 19 inches. This can of course be much larger as users upgrade to wide screen views, but the screen size can also reduce to 10 inches. Our sites will resize in proportion to the screen size, ensuring your message does not get cut off or you lose visitors because your site looks shoddy on their screen.

3. Quick

We work hard to ensure our websites load quickly! The days of waiting for pages to load are long gone. Your potential clients want to access your content as quickly as possible and find what they need easily.

4. Easy to edit and add your own content

If you are reasonably comfortable writing a document in Microsoft Word, you will be totally comfortable using the editor which comes standard with our Pro/Pro-Plus packages. You can access your editor from anywhere and your changes appear straight away. Best of all, we train you how to use the editor and work through an example with you, so you are ready to use the editor as and when needed.

5. Search engine friendly

We don't guarantee top positions in search engines or produce gimmicky publications promising the world! What we do is give you ethically sound and practical advice and guidance explained in a way that you understand to allow your website a good chance of achieving consistent and solid rankings in the areas that are important to you. Every page of your new website is optimised at the time of building to make sure you can be easily found.

6. Designed with your practice's clients in mind

We ask ourselves a number of questions every time we build a site...from a visitor's point of view...

  1. What is this site?
  2. What do they do?
  3. Do I find what I need?
  4. How do I make contact?

These simple questions dictate a structure, we have all been on sites that look great but where you have to scroll or click or swipe endlessly just to find basic information.

All our designs are based on this premise: We want clients to find you, access your content and be able to contact you without bother!

7. Unique designs

We do not tell you to choose a template and paste your details in that! Every site we do is created after gaining an understanding of the Therapist's style, personality and message.

8. Complimentary to other online marketing

You may already have a listing on a well-known directory and that's great! By linking your website and your directory listing you can pretty much be guaranteed a flow of visitors who are actively searching for what you offer. By having a website listed on your directory profile, a potential client has the option to find out more about you by clicking on the link, and you have an opportunity to present your offering in your style.

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Written by : Mark Bate