Online Advertising Campaigns for Therapists and Counsellors in Private Practice

We are experienced in creating and administering Google AdWords campaigns for the professional in private practice.

The following is a short overview of how Google Adwords advertising works and how it may apply for your private practice.

Did you know that search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing provide two types of results?

1. Natural results – These are the results that the search engine deems relevant to the user. The methods of determining this are vastly complex. For example Google uses over 200 different factors to determine where a page might land up!and;

2. Paid listings – These are the results that you would typically see at the top or on the right-hand side of your page. You may have also noted Google advertisements appearing on various websites you visit. These are also "paid" listings.

How does Google Adwords advertising work?

Online advertising is a powerful, targeted system of placing adverts. These adverts show up on the search engine site when a user is looking for specific terms, phrases and words. Only when a website user looks for specific terms, phrases or words will the advert appear. This means that only users that may be interested in your services are exposed to your message, therefore the chances of a contact or referral are substantially enhanced as the visitors responding to your advert were looking for what you are offering.

No other form of advertising can give the private practice this type of targeting and focus.

What are the benefits of Google Adwords advertising?

  • You only pay when a user clicks to visit your website.
  • Specific areas, age groups and languages can be targeted.
  • Adverts can appear very quickly and can be adjusted in real time.
  • Multi-part campaigns can be set up to target different areas of services offered.
  • Users are more likely to enquire or purchase from you after visiting your page.
  • Costs are comparatively little compared to traditional advertising.
  • Detailed statistics instantly show you how your advert is performing.
  • Google AdWords are a proven and effective way to communicate your message directly to your target market.

Enquiries and purchases

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