Getting your Therapy Website on Page One of Google

You have probably noticed that certain search results always appear on page one of search results, along with a map location to the right when searching for a service within a particular area. Including opening hours, a brief description of the business, contact details and imagery.

Typically looking like this…


Creating your Free Google My Business profile

1. Follow this link:

2. Follow the step by step prompts, complete as much information as possible and don't forget to add your website and telephone numbers.

3. Complete your address details.

4. On completion you will receive a postcard from Google - usually takes around 7-14 days. This postcard contains a verification code.

5. Add the verification to your business profile and that's it!

For many therapists, a practice address is not made publicly available for very good reasons - It may be you operate from home or wish to maintain high levels of discretion and confidentiality.

You may operate from a separate location and have a problem with the address being published.

Either way you are able to claim your listing and give your site a great boost for searches within your practice catchment areas.

Here are the steps involved to help you get started...

Obtaining a listing without publishing your physical address

Not all businesses operate from bricks and mortar locations and of course therapists have their own very valid reasons for not making their practice address publicly available.

Here’s the step-by-step breakdown of how to hide your address in Google My Business.
1. Log in to your Google account associated with your listing.
2. Click on your "info" tab.
3. Find the address section. Click the pencil to edit the address.
4. Find the section that reads: “Clear address” and click it to clear out any information.
5. Click "Apply".
6. Navigate to your service area section and click on the pencil.
7. If information isn’t already there, you can choose to the add post codes or cities for the different areas you service.
8. Click "Apply" to save your changes.
That’s it! Now your home address is hidden, but local consumers should still be able to find you in searches if you set the correct service area.

Thank you to -  Isabella Andersen Blog Contributor

Benefits of obtaining your listing

Make it easier for clients to find you.

Boost your rankings for your catchment areas.

Improve the professional profile of your practice with contact details, opening hours and so on.

We hope you find this information useful and definitely recommend this option as a powerful addition to your marketing efforts!

Please feel free to contact Mark if you would like to find out how we can help you boost your therapy practice.